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Vente en gros de jouets, cadeaux et gadgets

Boing Ball

Boing Ball
Boing Ball Boing Ball Boing Ball

Boing Ball

Code de Produit: 28397
Bounce Ball that's surrounded by 14 bouncy cones with a woven spring action
Pack Size: 12

Product Details

Bouncy ball covered with 14 woven springy cones. Throw the ball on the floor or against a wall and the soft cones on all sides will make the ball bounce with a unique action that's completely different to other balls. It's distinctive structure and mechanism gives this bouncy ball a look and feel that's unlike anything else!
  • Bouncy ball covered with springy cones
  • Unique structure gives it distinctive look and feel
  • Bounces on walls and floors
  • Available in several designs
  • 10.5cm diameter
Pack of 12



Age Recommandation Non
Volume par carton 216
Taille de l'écran W27 x H36 x D19cm


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Boing BallBoing Ball
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